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Juan Luis Ortega Vinuesa
MARZO 2009
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Producción científica

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J.L. Ortega Vinuesa "Smart Drug-Delivery Systems for Cancer Nanotherapy",  Current Drug Targets, vol.17 , -, 2016
P. Sánchez Moreno, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, J.M. Peula Garcia, J.A. Marchal Corrales and H. Boulaiz Tassi,  "Smart Drug-Delivery Systems for Cancer Nanotherapy",  Current Drug Targets, vol.17 , -, 2016
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P. Sánchez Moreno, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, H. Boulaiz Tassi, J.A. Marchal Corrales and J.M. Peula Garcia,  "Data supporting the physico-chemical characterization,cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of lipid nanocapsules",  Data in Brief, vol.4 , 279-284, 2015
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A. Rata Aguilar, N. Segovia-Ramos, A.B. Jódar Reyes, V. Ramos -Pérez, S. Borrós, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa and A. Martín Rodríguez,  "The role of hydrophobic alkyl chains in the physicochemical properties of poly(ß-amino ester)/DNA complexes",  Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces (Print), vol.126 , 374-380, 2015
T. Lopez Leon, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, D. Bastos González and A. Elaissari,  "Thermally sensitive reversible microgels formed by poly(N-Isopropylacrylmide) charged chains: A Hofmeister effect study",  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol.426 , 300-307, 2014
M.D.C. Carrión Pérez, A.V. Delgado Mora, R. Hidalgo Alvarez, A. Martín Molina, F.J. Olmo Reyes, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa and J. Portí Durán,  "JUAN ANTONIO MORENTE CHIQUERO: IN MEMORIAM", 2013

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