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Juan Luis Ortega Vinuesa
MARZO 2009
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Producción científica

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J.L. Ortega Vinuesa "Smart Drug-Delivery Systems for Cancer Nanotherapy",  Current Drug Targets, vol.17 , -, 2016
P. Sánchez Moreno, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, J.M. Peula Garcia, J.A. Marchal Corrales and H. Boulaiz Tassi,  "Smart Drug-Delivery Systems for Cancer Nanotherapy",  Current Drug Targets, vol.17 , -, 2016
A. Rata Aguilar, J. Maldonado Valderrama, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, A. Martín Rodríguez and E. Wagner,  "Influence of the hydrophobic moieties of Poly(amidoamine)s on the condensation process and on the morphology of polymer/plasmid DNA complexes ", "XV congress of the Spanish Biophysical Society", None-None, 2015
A. Rata Aguilar, N. Segovia, A.B. Jódar Reyes, V. Ramos-Pérez, S. Borrós, A. Martín Rodríguez and J.L. Ortega Vinuesa,  "Complexation and release of DNA in polyplexes formed with reducible linear poly (ß-amino esters)",  Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, vol.133 , 339-346, 2015
P. Sánchez Moreno, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, H. Boulaiz Tassi, J.A. Marchal Corrales and J.M. Peula Garcia,  "Data supporting the physico-chemical characterization,cellular uptake and cytotoxicity of lipid nanocapsules",  Data in Brief, vol.4 , 279-284, 2015
A. Rata Aguilar, J. Maldonado Valderrama, A.B. Jódar Reyes, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, F. Santoyo Gonzalez and A. Martín Rodríguez,  "Improved DNA condensation, stability, and transfection with alkyl sulfonyl-functionalized PAMAM G2",  Journal of Nanoparticle Research, vol.17 , 1-11, 2015
A. Rata Aguilar, N. Segovia-Ramos, A.B. Jódar Reyes, V. Ramos -Pérez, S. Borrós, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa and A. Martín Rodríguez,  "The role of hydrophobic alkyl chains in the physicochemical properties of poly(ß-amino ester)/DNA complexes",  Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, vol.126 , 374-380, 2015
T. Lopez Leon, J.L. Ortega Vinuesa, D. Bastos González and A. Elaissari,  "Thermally sensitive reversible microgels formed by poly(N-Isopropylacrylmide) charged chains: A Hofmeister effect study",  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol.426 , 300-307, 2014

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