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septiembre 2017
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A.Y. Sánchez Treviño, O. García Martínez, D. Blasco Avellaneda, M.A. Rodríguez Valverde, M.E. De Luna Bertos, J.I. Rosales Leal and M.A. Cabrerizo Vílchez,  "Effect of the terminal group of phosphonate self-assembled films formed on Ti surfaces on the biomimetic layer formation and cell adhesion", "APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE" , vol.362, 304-314, 2016
J.A. Molina Bolivar, C. Carnero-Ruiz, F. Galisteo González, M. Medina Odonnell and A. Parra Sanchez,  "Simultaneous presence of dynamic and sphere action component in the fluorescence quenching of human serum albumin by diphthaloylmaslinic acid", "Journal of Luminescence" , vol.178, 259-266, 2016
I. Adroher Benítez, S.A. Ahualli, D. Bastos González, J. Ramos, J. Forcada and A. Moncho Jordá,  "The effect of electrosteric interactions on the effective charge of thermoresponsive ionic microgels: Theory and experiments", "Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics" , vol.54, 2938-2949, 2016
M.D. Giron Gonzalez, R. Salto Gonzalez, F.J. Lopez Jaramillo, A. Salinas Castillo, A.B. Jódar Reyes, M. Ortega Muñoz, F. Hernandez Mateo and F. Santoyo Gonzalez,  "Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Low Molecular Weight PEI and Citric Acid as Efficient and Nontoxic Vectors for in Vitro and in Vivo Gene Delivery", "Bioconjugate chemistry" , vol.27, 549-561, 2016
K. Rudzka, A.Y. Sánchez Treviño, M.A. Rodríguez Valverde and M.A. Cabrerizo Vílchez,  "Formation of mixed and patterned self-assembled films of alkylphosphonates on commercially pure titanium surfaces", "Applied Surface Science" , vol.389, 270-277, 2016
J.R. Morillas-Medina, A.J.F. Bombard and J. De Vicente Alvarez-Manzaneda,  "Preparation and characterization of magnetorheological fluids by dispersion of carbonyl iron microparticles in PAO/1-octanol", "Smart Materials and Structures" , vol.25, 015023-, 2016
A. Mendoza-Arnau, M.F. Vallecillo Capilla and M.A. Cabrerizo Vílchez,  "Topographic Characterization of Dental Implants for Commercial Use", "Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral y Cirugia Bucal" , vol.1, 1-2, 2016
I. Del Moral-Castro, R. Infante-Sáinz, F. Vereda-Moratilla and M.J. Gálvez Ruiz,  "Estudio experimental de un sistema no-lineal: Reacción de Belousov-Zhabotinsky", "Revista española de física" , vol.30, 5-9, 2016

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